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Free Clash Royale Gems

Free Clash Royale Gems – Clash Royale Online Hacks (Android, iOS, PC)

Free Clash Royale Gems


Clash Royale Online Hacks (Android, iOS, PC)

Online hacks are probably the most popular type of hacks for Clash Royale. You can find these in larger quantities just by a simple Google search. Of course, there are a lot of fake ones that exist purely because of fun, prank or to get something out of the inexperienced user(usually kids earning a few cents). Online hacks started being successful years ago when kids started creating fake youtube videos for so called hacks and promoted them as working for fun. But don’t be fooled by these kids and their stupidity. Clash Royale Online hack tools DO exist and if you find one you have to be lucky and keep it for yourself. Hacker groups are creating real hacks that abuse an exploit in supercells servers. They usually do that mostly to prove their abilities to the world and get noticed by some large software company to get hired, but that’s another story. So be careful when choosing an online hack as they are real gems and can provide free gems, but can last for a limited time or can have downtimes. Usually, the hackers that made the online hack don’t have many resources to keep it up when many users try to use it at once in order to get free gems for their clash royale user. There is no harm that an online hack can do to you or your account, so you can try them out if you have some spare time and hope for the best.

Free Gems Giveaways (Android, iOS, PC)

These types of giveaways for clash Royale are also rare nowadays and last even a shorter period than online hacks. They can be sponsored officially by supercell or a private company trying to promote themselves. But there is a catch here as well. Most of the giveaways don’t tell you that they will only choose one or a few winners from all those who entered the giveaway trying to get free gems instantly. There are also giveaways that provide gems for everyone as well, but I haven’t heard of one personally lately and are questionable. These are not dangerous except that you can waste a bit of your time to fill in your details and get nothing.

APK Mod Hacks for Clash Royale (Android Phones only)

These types of hacks are built primarily for Android phones or tablets. You can use these to hack the game exclusively on your phone or tablet where you have Clash Royale installed. Since phones have very sensitive data on them, I’d say these are the most dangerous type of hacks that can get your phone infected while trying to get a few gems for free. Think real carefully before using any kind of mod apk hacks. Legit ones do exist, and they probably work best of all because they mod the clash royale application directly on your phone and can fool the server without anyone noticing in real-time. However with each update for Clash Royale they get patched and can stop working. So you do need to know your source so you can download a working apk hack mod from the developer directly. Be aware of your origin, and it’s legitimacy. You can never be careful enough with these. Well, except if you have a spare phone to burn.

Clash Royale Desktop Hack Tools (PC Only – Windows 10/8/7/XP)

These are the oldest type of hacks for all games. They worked marvelously at the time online games first started appearing on Facebook and first mobile phones. Cheat engine being the most popular tool, they still do work but are heavily patched. Ever since games started being made for android and ios mostly these type of hacks stopped working entirely. Maybe a few Russian hacker developers exist who still do them, but you have to go deep underground to find them, and I’m not sure you can waste so much time when you have online cheats and hacks already available.

Cheats and Glitches in Clash Royale

Personally haven’t tried a cheat myself, but from some forums I’ve heard that they do exist. As with most of the games, cheats are secretly made by the developer and hidden well. They work by entering a combination of characters or making a very specific pattern of code inside the game app. Clash Royale should have such a cheat code to get free gems, chests or gold, but it’s impossible to know about it as only developers probably know them so it’s pointless to try every type of combination so that you can guess it as there are probably millions of them. But I’ve heard that there is something that unlocks a hidden menu which gives you the ability to add gems to your account. Glitches are proven in Clash Royale, and they do work, but for very limited time. Supercell patch glitches for Clash Royale lightning fast. You can search youtube for clash royale glitch and wait for a new video to appear and maybe use it to your advantage for free gems or whatever it provides, but that would be a long wait nowadays since clash Royale is actively worked on.

So as you can see, there are a lot of ways to get free gems on Clash Royale. You can hack your way in, catch a giveaway, use mod apk or desktop hack tool or find a cheat or glitch. Whatever you decide to go with or look for, be sure you enjoy the game as much as possible. Our online hack tool is up and working most the time so you can go ahead and try it out. Please have in mind that you may need to wait up to a few hours to get your free gems in your Clash Royale account, though.